• Building Strong Foundation

    1952 The group was founded by Shri B. C. Jindal with Jindal (India) Limited. The operations started in Howrah district in the state of West Bengal with the manufacturing of Pipe and Pipe Fittings. Since then the company has emerged as one of the largest units in India manufacturing ERW/HFIW Black and Galvanized Steel Tubes.

  • Broadened their Horizon

    1985 After assuming a leading role in its primary line of business, the group diversified with the formation of Jindal Polyester Limited. Jindal Polyester quickly transformed into one of the principal producer of Polyester Film (largest producer of polyester film in India and 8th largest in the world), Metalised Film, Polyester Resin and Polyester Yarn.

  • A vision of Capturing moments

    1986 The group further diversifies into photographic product business with the set up of Jindal Photo Limited with marketing & selling of “Fujifilm” brand products from Fujifilm Corporation, Japan .

    1988 – Color Film manufacturing unit starts operation.

  • Partnership Power

    1991Onwards JPL expanded into the manufacture of medical and industrial x-ray films, graphic art films, and cine color positive processed from bulk jumbo rolls imported from Fuji, Japan.

  • Success Story

    1997 Continuing with its policy of related diversification, the Company entered in to Photographic Chemical segment for selling Photo chemical under “Fujifilm Hunt” brand from Fujifilm Hunt Chemicals Singapore Pte. Ltd., Singapore , a subsidiary of Fujifilm Corporation, Japan .

  • Unmatched ability

    2003 - The Jindal group started manufacturing of BOPP Films, one of the most widely used flexible packaging films.

  • Joining hands on a new venture

    -Jindal Poly Films acquires Rexor S.A. 50-year-old profitable French Company, manufacturing Coated Films, Hot Stamping Foils, Security Threads, Tear Tapes etc.

  • Aggressive Expansion

    2004 - Expansion of BOPET capacity by 25,000 TPA, taking total BOPET film manufacturing capacity to 86,000 TPA .

    2005 - Expansion of BOPP capacity by 32,000 TPA, taking total BOPP film manufacturing capacity to 45,000 TPA .

    2006 Jindal Poly Films Ltd. became the largest producer of BOPP in India by commissioning the third BOPP line of 45,000 TPA -One of the largest line in the world.Total resulting BOPP film manufacturing capacity of 90,000 TPA .

    2008 Jindal Poly Films Ltd. doubled the BOPP film production capacity to 180,000 TPA by installing two more BOPP lines of capacity 90,000 TPA.

    2009 Jindal Poly Films Ltd. installed another 8.7 m wide thin film BOPET line of 30,000 TPA capacity, thereby increasing the total BOPET manufacturing capacity to 1,27,000 TPA .

  • Acquired – Exxon Mobil BOPP films Business


    • ​Another 8.7 meter, thin PET film line was installed (6th Line) ​
    • Acquired BOPP films business from Exxon Mobil, with 5 plants, R & D centre and 300 + registered patents.
    • ​Demerged Investments in separate investments company, Jindal Poly Investments and Finance Co.
    • 6th BOPP line in Nasik
    • Jindal Poly Films Ltd. installed another 8.7 m wide thin fil​m BOPET line of 30,000 TPA capacity, thereby increasing the total BOPET manufacturing capacity to 1,20,000 TPA .​​

  • Reorganization ​


    • Merged Manufacturing business of Jindal Photo ​​
    • 14,000 TPA coater pant being commissioned ​
    • ​Received BRC Packaging and Packaging Materials – Standard Certified at Nasik Facility